Training and Diet Designed for Results

Average training usually means less than average results.

I say fuck average.

Train and eat based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals.

Personalised plans designed to get you in the best shape possible
with the least amount of hassle.

Do you live in or around Newry?

Are you fed up of constantly being on a diet but never seeing any
real results?

Confused about how to eat and what to do in order to get into shape?

At Personal Best Strength and Fitness Newry, we have a range of personal
training services to suit any goal.

Non-conventional workouts result in non-conventional results for our clients.

Most people don’t change their shape when they go to traditional gyms.

Our clients get much better results than they would on their own or at a traditional gym.

Short on time? You can even join one of our 30 minute boot camps.

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